NPI Trading ApS

Quality foodstuffs from all over the world

NPI Trading ApS - established in 1993 - is a trading and agency company, supplying various foodstuffs from all over the world to clients within the retail,- catering and processing area in most European countries.

Our business partners can always count on our first class service. We are always striving to supply the best products that can be found, and at the best prices obtainable.

Our product lines are:

Pommes frites and other potato specialities:

Frozen vegetables and fruits:

Frozen beef, venison etc.:

Frozen and chilled poulty:

Juice concentrates:


Pls. phone, fax or e-mail us for further information and offers.

NPI Trading ApS · Brønsholmdalsvej 139 · P.O. Boks 23 · 2980 Kokkedal · Denmark.
Tel.: +45 45 76 07 72 · Fax: +45 45 76 72 86 · E-mail: